A clip of me rowing:

I completed another mad challenge a couple weeks back. I set myself the target of rowing a marathon. Yup that’s right 42,195 meters. I completed it in 3 hours 18 mins. Mental. So what do I have to say about it?

Like I learned from sub-7min 2000m challenge, you don’t row just “have a go” at this type of event. So I loosely followed the training program provided by concept2 on their website. I simply completed all the distances in about a 6 week period – instead of 12.

Some interesting things that I noticed: after about the 20km mark while training, you are generally fit enough to do these distances. The only real limitation I found was mental.

If I was having happy thoughts, my times dropped and I rowed faster; likewise, if I was having unhappy thoughts my rowing slowed down. So the challenge is not to just have happy thoughts and to smash out the times but to have no thoughts.

It effectively became a form of meditation. I found it best just to concentrate on my breathing and listen to my body. As few a thoughts as possible. I found this really helpful during my marathon row; if I felt a niggle in my knee or back or hamstring, I could adjust my pace or posture accordingly.

I read my 2km post over before writing this and I find it funny that I was complaining about my arse hurting at 5km. Did it still hurt? Yes. But it became less of an issue. I resigned that my build probably puts a lot of strain on my glutes. They became more resistant to the training though.

What I did find with the marathon that I have never experienced was an intense craving for food at about 35-40km. I know I said meditation was key but I really couldn’t keep it together at this point. I was getting sensations of “brain fog” so I couldn’t think straight or hold my concentration to meditate. The only thing I can put it down to is that my glucose levels must have been pretty low.

Plus if I’m being completely honest, the idea of finishing was pretty exciting. I kind of just wanted it to end at that point.

So yeh, nothing too profound. It was hard, it took a while to do, and I had to train. Would I do it again? Probably not. Ha.


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